The Catalyst Experience™


Shift Mindsets, Create Shared Experiences and Build “Next Generation” Capabilities

You need to build a “Next Generation” IT organization to remain competitive and relevant.  To do that, you need a new set of capabilities and a cohesive team to execute them.  Our Catalyst Experience Events are uniquely designed to take leadership teams (from all levels of the organization) out of their comfort zone and open them to new ideas.

These fun and engaging experiential events borrow heavily from reality TV and game dynamics to create one-of-a-kind shared experiences that bring teams together, shift mindsets and prepare them to tackle a future full of possibilities.  But these are not mere “team building events”.  This series of seven experiences are built explicitly to “wake-up” your leadership team and then systematically lay the foundation for building the “next generation” capabilities you will need to deliver transformational results to your organization.

Our two-day Catalyst Experiences™ are held at one of four ITTI Experience Centers (U.S.) or at your designated location (subject to certain requirements and additional fees).  The seven Catalyst Experience events are:

  • Transformation Boot Camp
    Provides a “wake-up” call to organizations that do not recognize the need for change
  • The Four Pillars of Transformation
    Instills the four pillars: Leadership Development, Bridging Organizational Silos, The Customer Equation & Catalyzing Change
  • The Learning Organization
    Accustomed to living in a constant state of change
  • The Disciplined Organization
    Employs process and rigor to ensure that its customer promises are met consistently & reliably
  • The Transparent Organization
    Exposing the organization’s financial & operational performance, giving the customer options in business terms
  • The Intimate Organization
    Trusted partner who offers them unique and innovative ways to leverage technology to achieve business objectives
  • The Dynamic Organization
    Obsessed with delivering business value and has the capability to rapidly adapt and evolve to do so

Each Catalyst Experience includes:

  • All production costs and meals for participants
  • Unique event locations to create a fun and engaging environment
  • All logistics support and production materials – this is a turn-key event
  • A pre-event virtual activity to create anticipation and engagement>
  • Two ITTI facilitators
  • Creation of an “Event Video Documentary” memorializing the event and participant commitments

Key Benefits:

  • Unify your team through powerful shared experiences
  • Create an explosion of creativity and innovation within your teams
  • Lay foundation to build “Core Capabilities” necessary for “Next Generation” IT organizations

Maximum of 25 participants

david_hummelberg“The goal of a CIO today is to see the future and enable their organizations to thrive in that new world. The Quantum Age of IT provides the insights to make that journey a successful one.”

David Hummelberg
Principal Operating Officer (COO), North American Distribution
The Capital Group