Developing Leaders to Fulfill the Promise of IT


Inspire Change

Transformation will not begin until your team understands the change that is needed, believes that change is possible and becomes emotionally invested in the future state.




Build Teams

To create a Next Generation IT organization, you need to bridge silos, create a shared vision, shift mindsets and build teams with a new set of core, business-driven capabilities.




Develop Leaders

The key to your future success is already within your organization.  You must identify your “high potential” leaders and help them become more innovative, collaborative and business savvy.




Get the Book: The Quantum Age of IT

Everything we do is based on the concepts presented in our founder’s best-selling book, The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change.  Start here.




IT Catalyst Magazine

Transforming yourself and your organization is not a project – it’s a journey.  We are launching IT Catalyst – a brand new magazine dedicated to the modern IT leader – to be your roadmap.




Catalyst4Change™ Toolkit

The hardest part is the first step.  Decide to be a Next Generation IT Leader and then to develop the leaders around you.  We’ve got your Catalyst4Change™ Toolkit to help with the rest.



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